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A few Spiritual Laws 21 Jun 2018

What is a spiritual law?

Being honest: the 'laws' I propose are only a thesis. I do not have a proof. To me however those principles have a deep truth and a very broad field of application.


  1. Whatever you do not practice in small things you can not do well in bigger things.
  2. You can not expect others to change if you are not willing to change yourselves.
  3. Who is faithful in small things will learn to be faithful in bigger things.
  4. If we can not forgive others, we can not be forgiven ourselves.
  5. Frequently the very things that annoy us in others, are also present in our own character.
  6. Bad quality spreads.
  7. When one member of the body hurts, the full body hurts.
  8. You can not teach someone well something that you do not master yourselves.

Do you notice: the bigger things are built on the values of smaller things.

About Character

Character is a constancy in doing certain things. My Identity reflects on how I usually do things. It is true that there is a deeper layer in identity, but that is not the subject now.

A solid Identity is build on knowing that we can do a few things well. And others around us will recognize such. They can trust us where we trust ourselves.

If I care for myself, I will make effort to build character, quality, trustworthiness. And this brings forth happiness and joy.

Small things count!

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