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Responsible 30 Jun 2018


Responsible holds the word response. We have knowledge about something. And based on the issue or need a response is needed.

But ... if I am lazy or I am afraid or indifferent. We know it: nothing will happen.

Why is it that I fail to respond?

In my life it helps me a lot to make plans. I already know I can do that and I am capable in executing them.

Where I struggle frequently is in reaching unity with other persons around. It even could be disunity with God. I feel bad and I am unable to proceed. I even may blame the others and be lazy.

A plan has a purpose an often fits in other plans. If my environment does not have a purpose, plan, direction, I may get unfocused and disorientated. We have a need and desire for order.


Inspiration flows from connected life. Because inspiration stirs up creativity I begin to design, try or plan. Bigger plans can only happen when I connect properly to my environment.

I really would like to live in a community where I am challenged and stimulated to grow in being responsible for a better world and for implementing little by little the kingdom of God

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