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Predestination 5 Jun 2018

It is a matter of interest if we are 'predestined' by God for the paradise or some other issue. The subject relates to matters as 'free will' and 'love'. If God would have predestined our life and knows exactly our future then we perhaps have no free will or in other words we can not make our own decisions. And what would love mean if there is no free choice involved? Would we not just be a pre programmed machine?

John 6,64 says "For Jesus knew from the outset who did not believe and who was to betray him." and in John 6,71: "He meant Judas son of Simon Iscariot, since this was the man, one of the Twelve, who was to betray him.". This suggest that Jesus knew this on forehand. (Catholic) Theology says that God knows everything including the future.

This is not an easy and unimportant issue. As far as I understand two statements may clarify what is important:

  1. We DO have a free will and responsibility for our choices in life.
  2. God does not live in the same 'time and space' as we. For God 'our future' is already 'past'.



The CCC (Cathechismus of the Catholic Church) says in item 1037: "God predestines no one to go to hell."

And simply said: this is what I believe. It is good enough for me. I thank God for life and for opportunity to live as a creative being.

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