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Community: Opening Up

Nowadays there is a serious interest in Christian Community. Still people find it hard to talk about community. Perhaps they are disappointed with the responses of other persons when they share. They may face unbelief. They may be afraid for the risks. Nevertheless, I believe that God invites.

You are invited to attend 3 meetings with the purpose to listen to one-another and explore what makes it hard to share and explore the road to towards community. Everyone is invited to speak 2 minutes about various questions (themes). Without comments of anyone.

Evening 1

Brief introduction, prayer and explanation of the rules.
0. Everyone introduces himself/herself (1 minute each)
1. What are important difficulties in life? If everything is perfect, you should not be here. Name difficulties, worries, hardships.
2. In what manner would you desire community in your life-environment? (2-3 suggestions) What benefit would you expect?
3. What touched you from what the other persons have said? Preferably without names.

Evening 2

Short introduction, prayer, explanation of rules.
0. New people should introduce themselves.
1. Concerning community, where have you been disappointed? Be courageous but do not exaggerate. (some suggestions)
2. Concerning community, what are you afraid for or what holds you back?
3. Prayer. Everyone is invited to pray around the issues. You may request prayer from the team for your issue.

Evening 3

Short introduction, prayer, explanation of rules.
1. Would there be hindrances, which if removed, would help to proceed to a next step? (some examples. Finances, houses, leaders, fallback scenario, church support, shame, family acceptance)
2. What kind of help would help you to grow in leading a healthy, meaningful life? (coaching, prayer instruction, spiritual guidance, teamwork, training emotions/communication)
3. What next? People should be asked before this evening to provide suggestions.
a. Would you like to continue with this sharing?
b. Offer of 3-5 suggestions (options). Preferably a follow up group should choose a service/work where they practice to team-up.
Evaluation & request for contact information

On Opening Up

How to Open Up
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