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Morning 25 Jun 2018

I didn't feel well last night. Because of the somewhat colder weather in the last days I has a muscle ache in my hip. Because of my unrest a small stomach ache added during the night. Thus I didn't sleep well. At 3 am I got up and watched some news on the TV. And when I got back to sleep I had a wholesome sleep.

How did I know? When I woke up just a 90 minutes later the stomach ache had gone and the hip also had found rest, although not perfect.

I felt a whole lot better and refreshed. Clearly I had not had enough sleep and I advanced the alarm clock another 10 minutes. That was what I thought. I overslept a little and was awakened by our house mates.

Since we have to share our bathroom with four and I was later then normal, I hurried to get dressed. Then I took the easiest way to make up for my 'lost' time: I reduced my prayer time, skipped my breakfast and was actually early at work.

God did not complain. Did I need to arrive early at work? Actually not. We are so used to hurry an to try to perform.

Much worse is that I frequently can not communicate to my neighbours because of needless hurry and stress.

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