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Margin 27 Jun 2018

At the margin

Or perhaps marginally. We just made it. Or just made it not. Children and Grown-ups as well like to explore the margins. Perhaps something can be done; perhaps not. Living at the edge can be exiting. Usually it goes together with risks.


The one who is afraid of vague risks will not have an exciting life. Taking risks is a part of mature life. With new enterprises there is a risk of failing.

What risks are we taking or avoiding? Needless risk, dangerous risks, Gambling or a healthy risk in doing something new?

Doing something new

Doing something new brings surprises and new challenges. Perhaps I am a bit afraid of the unknown. I have a tendency to take the known roads. But by times I really enjoy doing something new. I prepare. That may involve some study. I inform myselfves. I evaluate the difficulties and risks. When I trust, I jump ... into the new experience. Usually it is fun and exciting.


Creating a really new thing is very exciting. I love it. And I believe God was very excited with creating the earth and mankind.

God took a risk. I believe He knew pretty well that men with a free will and a creative spirit would make faults. But He loved what He had created. He had put his trust in us. He likes us. He loves us. What else could He do?

Margin ... again

I believe there is a margin where we can safely operate under God's authority:

Where we become independent and perhaps rebellious, we loose touch with our heavenly Father.

Where we do nothing or are lazy, our heavenly Father will be disappointed.

Where we make mistakes and then seek our heavenly Father's guidance to recover, He will be happy.

Where we become proud we will disconnect from our heavenly Father

Where we seek a meaningful life and seek, knock on doors and ask, He will be in love with us.

So finally ... it is you in the margins of life who can make the difference.

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