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Indifference 17 Jun 2018

When I hear about the needs of friends and about the enormous needs in the world I tend to be indifferent.

This is the case for so many issues. To name two more needs: the needs in my neighborhood and e.g. the needs of the victims of war in many places in the world. It is even very seldom that I pray for those needs.

I do not want to be indifferent. Usually I am. Am I dead or am I alive?

I do have choices. To care and to love requires a choice. It has a price.

I know I can't solve all the problems in the world. That would need a growing group of people willing to serve others.

A comparison of two cases

I do not want to be rich and where there are so many needs to do nothing. I want to make available my resources for the kingdom of God. And less or not just for my own pleasure. I do not want to die rich. I pray God to redeem me from my selfishness.

When I die rich and have done nothing or little for the poor, I would feel 'lost' and it is not even God who has to condemn me.

When I would have given what I have and when I grow older and would die poor e.g. living without enough food or medical care I am willing to believe that I could accept that. When I die in such condition I could 'face' God.

More wisdom

First I believe we should live courageous with a healthy trust in the future and in God, who is able to provide.

It would be great to be member of a community that is willing:

  1. to care for one another's needs
  2. to release to the poor all means that they do not require for a normal life.


I do not like to be a hypocrite but unfortunately I am one.

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