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House 28 Jun 2018

The importance of a house

Most of us live in a house; some may reside in an apartment. We find our home in a house. In Dutch language: 'thuis in mijn huis'. It is the place where we feel relaxed and at ease.

What if the house has flaws?

Let us imagine a house with 10 flaws: (1) The roof leaks at several places, (2) The front door is rotten and can't be closed, (3) Several windows are broken, (4) Floor and walls have serious holes, (5) The kitchen smells terrible, (6) The sewerage system is blocked, (7) Most of the furniture is 30 years old and overused, (8) There is only electricity and water for a couple of hours in a day, (9) There are many annoying sounds, (10) The garden is like a garbage belt.

Would this be a home where you feel pleasant?

What if you repair half of the issues?

Choose any 5 items and have them repaired. How would you feel living in that house with 5 major troubles?

Would you like to invite guests in your house?

How would you feel if only one problem is left?

I bet: you still would not feel happy in that house


Maturity might be: being responsible for everything that hurts.

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