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Hearing 6 Jun 2018

Hearing is important in life. Already from my childhood I am hearing less than most people. But I only began to realize this in my late teens. I observed that many classmates could hear a lot more from conversations than I did. Actually I could hear enough sound. But when the sound got complex in noisy environments I could not decipher what the people said. That is quite a back-set for socializing.

With complex sounds I easily get confused. I struggle with learning songs. I do not know one single song completely by heart. Although I know many fragments.

At an age of roughly 34 years old My left ear got deaf. Most probably due to nerve damage in the brains caused by a cold or influenza. The problems with hearing and especially socializing increased dramatic. In places where only one single person speaks I can understand enough. In noisy places I understand nothing.

My deaf ear

My Deaf Ear.

Two days ago my right ear began to show problems. It felt like my ear canal was blocked perhaps with earwax. I made an appointment with my General Practitioner for spraying of the ears. I began with inserting drops of baby oil in the ear to soften the earwax.

Tomorrow morning I hope the treatment will be successful.

Yes ... It worked. It feels great to hear with my right ear again - 7 Jun 18

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