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God's Love 19 Jun 2018

God is Love

The bible tells us so.
In the bible God speaks about Himself.
Is God only love? Perhaps not. God is more. He is also wise and just. He is not a fool.

God's Children

We have the power to become God's children.
Children are supposed to be obedient and to have a meaningful life with a future.
If we do not listen to our Father then we are lost children.
If we do not want brothers and sister that we need to relate to then whe are not family.

What then is the benefit of being a child of God?

  • are protected and cared for by the Father.
  • have a home and feel secure and safe.
  • can play. That means enjoy life.
  • may develop and grow.
  • are on their way to a more mature future to carry responsibilities themselves.
  • should dream about a good future.
Do I want to be a child? Do I trust and enjoy life?
Can I trust God as my Father?

How can I be His child and be free?

Free means that I am not a slave from anything. I am a son or daughter. With an inheritance.
Jesus Christ came to be my Redeemer.
Saint Peter said: "Believe and be baptized and repent."
The church baptizes. Repenting - for not being what the Father wants me to be - needs to be done by myself. The Father promises us a helper: The Holy Spirit.
If I am willing to seek the Way that the Father wants for me, the Holy Spirit will help me.
God wants us to be children who are cared for and that will have a future, even an eternal life with Christ.

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