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Catholic Eindhoven 15 Jun 2018

A word for those who disagree

I write about my experience. Yours may be different. I am interested to hear your opinion.


Paterskerk With Jesus on top.

God is at work in the churches in Eindhoven. We experience a climate of expectation and hope.
The church appears still in a 'declining' state. For every new member we still loose 10 'old' members.
There are plenty of young people and families who like to participate in the mission of the Catholic Church.
The young families and professionals are much occupied with the 'speed of life'.
professional career and children take most of their energy.
Many people look for a practical participation in the church's mission but lack support and encouragement.

Good news?

Yes it is. No it is not good enough.

We may live in serious indifference for the needs of the world around us.
Who cares for the 'lost' souls?
Who cares for the needs and and pain of so many needy people in the world?
Will we have a reasonable future in 1, 2, 5, 10 or 30 years?

The mission of the church

The churches in Eindhoven should care for the spiritual well being of all people in Eindhoven.

The churches in Eindhoven may have 40 000 people with age of 60+ registered. How do we support this group?

We are responsible for the (re-)evangelisation of perhaps 190 000 people. How do we prepare ourselves for such a task?

We should have an interest in supporting all the people with pain and hurt ...

How could we respond?

A fist step is to admit that we do have a mission and responsibility to love and to share God's goodness.

Secondly we should talk about OUR mission and how we can grow in response.

Pray that God may open our hearts and give dreams and desire.

This is not a one-man task. We should pray for an increasing number of workers with sufficient unity in vision and way of working.

We should realize that the laity ('me') is the work-force God calls for this task.

We need CARE ourselves

We are not slaves of God.

We need care and love too. God COMMANDS: love ane-another.

We all have a need for support in growth. Coaching, Instruction, Parenting, Teaching and practical help. If I can not accept help and friendship, I am sick and abandoned.

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