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Convenant 4-Jun-2018

Yesterday we celebrated Corpus Christi. Most of the mass readings spoke about 'covenant'. God (Ex. 24:3-6) through Moses established a covenant with the people of Israel. The people of Israel committed themselves to fulfill the commandments of the covenenant. The covenant had mutual conditions for both parties.

The new covenant (Heb. 9:14 and Mk 14: 24) is a bit different. God makes promises. Strange enough ... the people do not commit themselves to anything. Is that a covenant?

In Heb. 9 it says: "He brings a new covenant." That certain people may receive what already was promised. Only so that the people who were called to an eternal inheritance may receive what was promised. It appears that not all are called.

Are there really no conditions? What happens when we refuse to take Holy Communion? Will our sins be forgiven? Strange enough: we are promised that our sins will be forgiven. But not that we inherit eternal life.



Conditions to enter God's kingdom?

Now when our sins are forgiven. Can I feel such? Would it open my heart to love Jesus and my fellow men and woman on earth? If my heart does not respond to the love of God? Perhaps I am dead. No love blossoms up. I do not have the spirit of Christ.

Dear Friend, I invite you to seek God's forgiveness and let His love blossom up in your life. Then you will have 'abundance of life'

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