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Community Around Parish 16 Jun 2018

God invites me to 'build community'.
I love this calling and I am thankful for it.
I am not good in building community. And perhaps I am a bit fearful to give up some 'rights'.


My hope is that God bring together a 'people' who put their trust in Him.
If community is 'my' idea I surely will get nowhere.
My hope is that some families (and persons) will love and trust one another so much that it just happens.

Examples of how

  1. A house where young people (students and professionals) can rent a room.
    Financially this it realistic and and economic. A 'founder' could invest in a house and rent 3 rooms to 3-6 people who run a common household. The community should have one common prayer time and seek to be active in the parish or a parish mission. Eindhoven has a sufficient basis of young catholics who could be interested.
  2. Several catholic families choose to be a local community.
    The families should live in walking distance from one another and commit to care for each others needs.
    It would be nice to have a 'community' house where a 3 families live with enough privacy.
    Usage of the house should encompass: A place to meet and pray together, a class room, 1 or 2 guest rooms where people in need could stay for several weeks. Perhaps a common child-care.
    The community should have a common mission and a commitment to serve church and where possible the neighborhood.
    The community should live to assist others to grow spiritually and in maturity in every aspect of life.

Discussion and Prayer

Please discuss with us what your dreams and expectations in life are.
And please pray for us that God brings the right people together and that we may have enough courage to obey the 'Giver of life.'

What has been established?

Speaking honestly: Little. But I am full of hope. I desire.

  1. I got married to a lovely wife and we are a community.
  2. We have live for 4 years with our family in the Philippines.
  3. When possible I talk to others about my desire and dreams.
  4. I prayed over 30 years for my dream.
  5. I did study and research on various related subjects.
  6. I have lived in several small communities
  7. I made effort to serve the local parish wherever I lived.
  8. I am willing to adjust my expectations.

I am thankful for the calling of God and the beautiful desire in my heart.
My life belongs to God. With God nothing is impossible.

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