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God's blessings 24 Jun 2018

What is a blessing?

In the old testament Isaak has two sons Esau and Jacob. At a high age Isaac - who was blind at that time - decided to bless his firstborn who had by birth the right on the inheritance of his father. The firstborn Esau however had long ago sold his first-born right to his twin brother Jacob. Isaac wanted to bless his eldest son. But Rebecca - his wife - offered Jacob for the blessing. So Jacob got the blessing from his father. When Esau came to request his blessing Isaac had to tell him that there was little blessing left.

This raises the question: what is a blessing and what is the power of a blessing?

God's spoken word

At the creation story in the bible God spoke and what He spoke came into existence. God's word has creative power.

Our words too are full of power. We have to power to 'hurt' or to 'bless' with our mouth. The words we speak can bring fort 'life' or 'dead'.

Jacob's blessings

At the end of Genesis Jacob on his turn also speaks out 'blessings'. In those stories it becomes very clear that Jacob had preferences. He also speaks out words over some of his sons according to their deeds. Some of them may come close to a 'curse', which is actually the opposite of blessing.

Now a bad word spoken out over a child by a parent may hurt a lot. On the other end a blessing and also an encouragement may help a child. Why is it that words spoken out over us do have such a power? It appears that our words do have more 'creative' content than we are aware of.

Personally I rather like to speak out a blessing than a curse. By times - I in my humanity - I really miss the mark. Especially when I am impatient or disappointed or jealous. And unfortunately: it is very hard to undo my own spoken words.

May God and my fellow people forgive me and help me to be a blessing.

Realizing that I didn't yet address God's blessing: it is already a great blessing that He can forgive what I never can repair myself. He loves my while I am still imperfect.

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