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I.M. Oppressed 25 Jul 2021

When was the last time you felt oppressed? What happened? Easily I take the role of a victim. That is the ultimate oppression.


I am forced in my passive role. There is nothing I could do. I look angry. But I no more have to perform. I already have lost. I still will be brought my foods. I do have a place to sleep. Everyone will pity me. He has been treated so bad. So my oppressor can do nothing. He is hated by everyone. I blame him. It is all his fault. I just have been treated bad. I was so unfortunate.


I am caged. I can no more freely move around. I feel lonely and isolated. I feel humiliated. My honor is gone. I can no more smile. I continuously have to behave as a sick person. I feel weak. I will die in my cage. It hurts when I blame my oppressor. I like to hurt him. My thoughts are filled with anger.

Finding Goodness

I feel terrible. And as long as I feel terrible it is hard to change. Could it be that there are as well some beautiful and good things in my wounded emotions? An attempt.
1) My shame shows that I care about my faults. I may have a high standard. I value freedom.
2) My anger show that I value myself. I do not like to be humiliated. I do not like to feel hurt. I care about myself. I like to protect my own life.
3) My loneliness shows that I like to be part of a team. I like to participate.
4) My weakness shows that I do not like to revenge or fight. It also shows humility and a willingness to listen and learn.

Is this real? I hope it is real enough to stop taking the role of a victim. I hope it is strong enough to drive out the bad thoughts. It takes faith.


Father God, make me seeing goodness in myself. Give me the strength to resist oppression. Jesus, I ask you for faith in the new life. Teach me to practice wisdom.

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