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I.M. Opposed 24 Jul 2021

Someone or something is against me. I am prevented from executing my plan. Time for a holiday.


When I come back from my retreat basically three things may happen:
1) The resistance has gone and I can do what I wanted to do. I seems unlikely. It is however a serious option. I may even prepare a surprise attack to destroy the opposition.
2) Nothing has changed. I may be the one who retreats forever.
3) My opponent may have used my vacation time to execute his plans. And I have missed my opportunity to stand for my own values. I am at least losing trust in myself.

Sure enough there is more to say about dealing with opposition. It is not easy. And I need to seek courage to practice. Unless I like being a looser.


From the previous lines I learned something. There are circumstances where I can ask for a timeout to prepare myself for a good response to the opposition. Why? When opposed, I feel stressed and I may act defensive. Usually it is valuable to listen properly to opposition. And listening is quite an art. Not all opposition requires an immediate response.


Father God, give me faith and trust in my own skills. Please teach me how to deal with opposition. Jesus, I ask for opportunities to practice in dealing with opposition.

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