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I.M. Open 23 Jul 2021

Keys can open doors. What would open blocks in my relationships? I always quarrel with my wife. I frequently struggle with my boss. My child is stubborn. How can I find openings in communicating with them.
The key is in a paradox.


Paradoxically, to be heard, I first need to listen to the other party.

Paradoxically, to be agreed to, I first need to agree with the other party.

Paradoxically, when I resist, my opponent will resist as well.


Reactive, defensive responses usually cause trouble. When I relax and accept a person who attacks me, he or she will calm down.
I will not easily hurt someone who is peaceful. And so are most among us.


Father God, I ask you for the keys of my kingdom. Please open my locked doors. I am willing to stop my defenses and resistance.

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