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I.M. Old 22 Jul 2021

How old am I? No more young. I am an engineer. It is easy to figure out that it must be 65 years. At least for the coming 4 weeks. The modern person gets old before he realizes it. With the growing age some strength dwindles. Sadly in those times many young people start to feel their decreasing strength already before they reach half my age.


Actually there is a great range of circumstances and sicknesses that could be mentioned.

1. Poverty. Worldwide poverty is a reason for the early death of children. They never get a chance for a normal healthy life.
2. Lack of schooling. Children not receiving teaching on a school are doomed to poverty.
3. Dysfunctional family. This is the reason that many are too much hurt to grow into a healthy and happy person.
4. War. Many die in wars. And even many more lives are distorted by wars.
5. Stress. Typically a problem for adolescents and older ages. For quite some it leads to psychological sicknesses which never recover.
6. Sickness. As and example 'Long Covid'. Young people feel after having been infected with Covid a remaining incapacity to perform normally. It is unknown if many of them ever will recover.


Yes, all those things are very sad. There are so many persons who will never reach a good old age. It is not possible to know why some experience terrible circumstances in life and others do not.
When I do not have a degree of compassion with the 'less fortunate', that would be even more sad.
I do relate to all other lives on earth. They are my brothers and sisters. I am in danger of treating them as irrelevant.


Father God, I ask you for healthy places with love and care for the needy ones on this earth. Please use my life as well for this task. I ask for many more new labourers.

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