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I.M. Odd 20 Jul 2021

Who among us would not think by times that he or she is a bit strange? Some thought could be, "I am a bit different from the others." or "I am doing this thing in a strange way."
No offense. I admit that by times I am a bit odd. It is a part of my uniqueness.


How unique would I be? Very! No-one is like me. That is simple. It makes me special. It brings colour and value to who I am.
Things get more complex when I, or some others, hate one or more parts of what I am. It hurts me. It frightens me. And not just me. It also frightens others around. Let me try to clean the air.


Most problems are not as bad as they appear at a first glance. Does some other person really hate me completely or just a part of me? Despite of what their words may tell me, usually it is just some smaller trait of me which they hate. He or she is frightened, choosing quick fixes to solve the problems.
And so do I myself. I choose not to face my pain. I drink a beer. I see a movie. I play a game. I let my oddness be a pain.

Odd Choice

I have to face my oddness. I like to enjoy it. I want others to enjoy it. It helps a lot when I can find beauty and goodness in those things I struggle with. It is a secret. Usually there is a lot of greatness in my odd sides.
My thoughts around my odd traits are seriously distorted. I think with fear. My negative thoughts need correction. They need to be brought back to more realistic proportions. Seldom things are as bad as I believe. Isn't that odd?


Father God, help me to accept my life. Especially the things that are somewhat odd about myself. Jesus, teach me new life. Little by little. Step by step.

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