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I.M. Obsolete 19 Jul 2021

With increasing age objects and as well persons may become obsolete. Here in the Netherlands it may be hard to find a typewriter. Personal computers have totally replaced them. My personal age is increasing. I am approaching a retirement age. I will become obsolete.


It is already for a five years that I am paid a small pension. Thus I am used somewhat to the idea. Actually I did not retire at all with receiving a pension. I was invited for an interesting job and worked another three years. With the Corona period however I had no work.
I did not feel useless.


I had more time to read books. I had more time to relate to Millet. Both things are much appreciated. I am flooded with new interesting ideas. I am practicing some of the things I learned. This unusual time does not stir up feelings as being obsolete in me.


I pray for those who feel obsolete. Come Holy Spirit, bring new life where it is most needed.

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