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I.M. Oblivious 17 Jul 2021

One of the meanings of oblivious is unaware. The picture below shows it excellently. It is one of my weaknesses that by times I make nice plans, but I forget to consider what my enemy or others have in mind.


What potential harm am I oblivious about? The number one problem I struggle with is that I do not come to unity with people around. Partly that consists of individualism and partly about animosity, meaning 'my will shall be done'. And by times the will of others simply has an evil content. A kind of hidden agenda or inflexibility.

Hidden Motives

Oh yes, I am one of those who have hidden motives. They may be expressed in passive aggressive behaviour or laziness. It could be a resistance to change. A fear to change. A lived out frustration where I like to revenge on others. I do not like it. But I better admit that it is true. For only then I can correct some of my unfriendly thoughts and actions.


Come Holy Spirit, please guide me to the oblivious and hidden thoughts that do so much harm in my life. Jesus, I come to you with this burden. Please grant me your burden, which is light to bear.

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