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I.M. Obedient 16 Jul 2021

Looking for pictures about 'obedience', I found mainly pictures of dogs. And as an exception a child closing her ears. In short, I am not a dog, thus I do not like to be obedient. I can think and decide myself. Typically I feel a resistance with being commanded.
By the way, I have been on holiday for a couple of days and I did not write. It feels good not to be a writing-dog-slave.


A healthy obedience is only bearable when exceptions can be made. If not, then I am a slave. I loose the respect for my master. I will hate him and not love him.


Would that mean that vows are binding till eternity? Is a vow unbreakable? Can no marriage end in a divorce?
Who would like to be the slave of a marriage vow?

I do not have all the answers. But I am aware that when I divorce, I break a vow. It may be a 'sin' (doing damage to others). I am accountable for the one(s) to whom I made the vow.
Now sins can be pardoned. Pain and hurt is harder to repair.


Normally obedience is connected to a relationship. And typically a relationship which has value for me. Healthy relationships have meaning. They protect me. They incorporate me in a community. And I can relate to the rules of the community.
Strict and forced control is abusive. It makes me feel like a dog and I close my ears.


Father God, fill me with your loving care. Teach me kindness, patience and wisdom with broken rules.

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