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I.M. Nourished 1 Jul 2021

It is harvest time. Each year I love to see some fields with flowers and farming products. I always feel uplifted with the abundant productivity of the fields and just by seeing, I feel nourished.

What Feeds Me?

I begin my day with a good sleep. It is from the rest and recovery that I wake up with peace and joy for new experiences. I am nourished in my sleep. I cannot tell you how it works. Without at least some sleep, life if impossible.
Our supermarket is the main resource for my foods. That is convenient as long as I am rich. I can buy my nourishment. And there is plenty.
Now God has blessed me with a reasonable mind. I had parents who cared for me and who have sent me to schools where I could learn a profession. I was born in a country and city where we had (and have) an abundance of interesting work opportunities. Unfortunately mainly for educated and trained people.
Over the years God has provided work opportunities for me in various countries and places. Usually the projects I worked on came to me without making effort for acquisition.

There are so many other undeserved good things in my life. And I cannot tell you where it all comes from.


Father God, I thank you for the plenty of good things in my life.

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