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Winning Side 1942 - 1943 7 July 2020

The year 1942 marked a big change in the second world war. At the start of 1942 the Germans were winning at all fronts. However at the end of 1942 things were very different. The Germans were loosing at most fronts.

In the Netherlands many expected at the start of 1942 that the Germans would stay forever and perhaps the status of occupation would be the "New Normal". In the year 1943 many began to believe that the war might end, and even more that the Germans would be defeated. A new hope had grown. Perhaps more people participated in resistance against the Germans. But for most of the Jewish population in the Netherlands it was already too late. They already had been transported to German concentration camps, where most of them had been murdered.

"World" versus "Kingdom of God"

The "world" competes with the "Kingdom of God". The world appears at the winning hand. Are there signs where the Kingdom of God is gaining strength?

Honestly speaking, I see few signs.
The Second Vatican Council is a sign of hope. It has brought first a lot of confusion. The church still seems to struggle with activating talents and gifts of laity.
A second sign of hope is the more friendly relationships among the many Christian Churches. There still is a lot of division.

Building the Army

It would be great if Christ Jesus would be my leader. I pray for his second coming. But do I believe? Are there signs? The gospel has been spread over the earth, but is not gaining strength.

Do I prepare as soldier? What should a soldier learn? To live the kingdom life. To love my neighbours. To give my life for Christ. First this means to make it available for Christ. I need task(s) in a team of soldiers. And as long as I choose to spend most of my time in the world, it will not be easy. I still act as if the "world" is winning. I need to look up to Christ and see Him as the winner. And I should earnestly seek the guidance of the head of the final winning party. Saint Ignatius would advise that I should stand under to the "Banner of Christ".

Where can I find that banner in Eindhoven, the Netherlands or other places? Perhaps a trumpet should be blown, that the soldiers shall collect!

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