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Website 5 July 2020

Maintaining my website is a continuous work. I try to write regularly new entries. I work on improving the quality and usability.

I changed in May from just presenting daily entries to a more organised approach. The daily entries did not require a specific style. With organizing by themes, style differences are more visible.

Previous and Next

Until yesterday the Previous and Next buttons worked on an order by date. Now the "Prev" and "Next" buttons walk through the list of links in the themes e.g. Community. With an exception with using the Home and Last buttons. Because there are no themes available for those, I fall back to the Date order with using the Prev and Next buttons. I hope you will enjoy the change!


The pictures need more style. With photo's this is not easy. With using Powerpoint pictures and inserted text I can choose Font-types and colours. I need to discipline myself to produce a better and more stable quality.

Target Reader

Among my readers is a great variety of people. With various "themes" the "target reader" may differ.

"Us", "William" and "Millet" may have the largest variation. Those themes should however not hold complex or long items.
The "Various" themes contain the history of what I have written and entries not used with the other themes. They have a lower priority.
"Electronics" and "Software" themes may be more technical.
"Psalms", "Song of Songs" and "Rejoice" hold specific (finished) entries. Improvement and style of the pictures would be nice for the future.

The "Community", "Relationship", "Wisdom", "Prayer" and "Holy Spirit" themes address adult Catholics/Christians. The "Community" theme should be aimed to become an independent website.


I try to invite and challenge people. It needs respect and care. I would like to have more examples and stories. This can only grow little by little.

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