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Safe Place 31 July 2020

What would dreams and frustrations have in common?
Assume that I bury my dreams and frustrations in a safe place. Why would I do so? Because of my frustrations and perhaps disappointments irritate me. I may be frustrated that my dreams do not materialize. I do not like to be reminded to my dreams. And my frustrations ... they do not give me pleasure, so I like to forget them.
Nice and clean! Not so?

Perhaps Not.

My dreams are actually precious. I love them. I want them. But if they are uncared in a safe place, nothing is going to happen. Their beauty fades away.

What about the frustrations. I just lock them in my big safe. They never will bother me again.
Alas. If I do not learn my lessons, I make the same mistakes over and over. The frustration grows, whether I like it or not.

Opening the Safe

I admit I have some disappointments. I open my safe place a little. I smile to my frustrations. They face me with an unkind grin. I smile again to my frustrations. Perhaps they are a bit funny. May be I could laugh about them. I could welcome them and face them. Little by little. I am human. I do not have to be perfect.
Yes! I begin to remember my dreams.

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