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Poverty 25 July 2020

In this world many are faced with poverty. Poverty can be in various areas: economically, socially, spiritually and bondage. What is my problem?


My number one problem is that I do not cry about the needs of the poor. I hardly pray for the needs of the poor. I hardly work to relieve the needs of the poor.


There are so many needs in society. They are not far away. And still I hardly know about the suffering nearby. I may think those needs are not my problem. The government will care. The church will care. And they do - to a degree.

The unknown, and thus unsolved, nearby needs bother me. I am willing to learn. I am willing to make myself available to participate in relieving some needs.

High Standards

I know two other difficulties with helping.
1. The requirements for helpers may be high. You need a diploma or certification.
2. You are accountable. You need insurance when helping.


My prayer is that God leads me and others into a more responsible response towards the poverty in the world. And I thank God for what He will do in my life.

Hanoi Vietnam

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