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Poverty: Disappointment 30 July 2020

Yesterday I wrote: check where you disappoint yourself and others. I did. There are of course a few things where I fall short in my own opinion. I am certainly not disappointed in everything. My interest is where disappointments about my own actions builds bondage, inaction. I am not saying that my disappointment about what others think or did, is irrelevant, but I can not affect their behaviour.
It is not easy to change my own behaviour. I can however forgive and accept my self and others. I can give up my frustrations.

Disappointments about Self

I just name some. I do not judge the severity.

  1. My procrastination.
  2. Inability to connect to neighbours.
  3. Unfinished projects (lack of beautifying).
  4. Slow to choose among options.
  5. Inability to build bigger things.
  6. When I talk too long and see how it annoys others.
  7. Lack of effectiveness in presenting my cases on my website. I like the daily writing.

Disappointing others

  1. Lack of clear direction.
  2. My procrastination. Ineffectiveness.
  3. Where I hurt or offend others.
  4. Forgotten friendships.
  5. Making problems too broad and big.
  6. Lack of trust in others.

Simple Conclusion

  • I have a strong feeling that my bondage/inaction and disappointments are closely related.
  • If I lower my unrealistic expectations - towards myself and others - this certainly will reduce my disappointments.
  • Perhaps I have 'no' idea how disappointed I am.
  • I am very sure. I am not only disappointed. I have enjoyed so many things in my life. There are few things I really regret (I just lack wisdom).
  • I could be more honest and clear about some of my disappointments. No exaggerating. No self pity. No blame.

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