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Poverty: Bondage 29 July 2020

No form of poverty is pleasant. Bondage is perhaps the worst. The affected person lacks freedom. That is because the victim can't escape from his condition. Forms of bondage can be addiction and slavery.


I may be addicted to playing of games. It absorbs a lot of my time. It feeds my procrastination. I know that when I have plans for other more meaningful activities, I easily can stop the game. Watching movies or TV is similarly related in my life.
Is it harmless? It may lead to 'poor' performance. It eats time from my relationships. On the other end, it is relaxing

Do you hear my excuses? I need it. I want it. It pleases me. It is not that bad. I can do it. I am not addicted. I am not ignoring my duties.
Perhaps it is time to write down where I disappoint myself and others.

Slavery and Abuse

There are forms of slavery where I seek a place of safety. And I have to pay with service. I make myself a servant. I may receive food and shelter. It may go wrong where I am abused and where my freedom is denied.

Addiction may lead to slavery. I loose my freedom and dignity.

Abuse and forced slavery are painful. I loose my independence. It also may make me passive. For whom should I perform? And even worse: I am not responsible and actually I have an easy life. It is my master's fault. Or: I may lack a good leader in my life. I blame others.
That is what bondage is. I lack the possibility or strength to produce good fruits in my life.


Dear God, make those who suffer from bondage aware of their potential. Please restore in them a sense of responsibility which they can enjoy. I pray for creative power coming forth from true freedom. Freedom to care and love. Please restore their self respect. I do not just pray for others, but as well for myself.

Not living up to my potential.

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