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Poverty Socially 27 July 2020

This may apply to people and families who suffer from financial poverty. They can't meet the standard of the more rich people. It hurts of course.
The long term sick, handicapped, blind and deaf people may have a reasonable chance of feeling socially poor. They may feel forgotten and worthless. Fortunately many in this category do have a healthy social life.
There are two other groups with less visible social isolation.

The Elderly

In the Netherlands old people may feel unproductive and unconnected to the younger world. They may not suffer from financial poverty, but many feel lonely, even if they have their children and grandchildren 'regularly' visiting.
The older people may struggle with the speed of life and the fast succeeding changes in our present society.
A comment or personal opinion. Many older people may have postponed to solve conflicts and issues of their past life. It hurts. It separates them from others who could be friends. Older people may struggle with changing bad habits or learning new behaviour.

The Lonely and Disappointed

Loneliness is a very normal feeling. We all experience it by times. If feelings of loneliness are regular and disturbing it is a problem. The lonely ones may miss valuable relationships. The disappointed ones may miss healthy opportunities to use their talents and to contribute to society.


Father God, I pray for meaningful human life in this century. I pray for places where people are valued and helped to face their vulnerability in the light of Jesus. I pray for opportunities where the lonely people can use their talents for the well-being of others. I pray for a fresh wave of love in this time. Especially open the blocked hearts of Christians. Help us to enjoy one another.
Help me and others to build connections to socially isolated people. Teach us how to build bridges. And help us to find pleasure and joy in those activities as with playing a game. Please make us creative.

Bridges Game

Bridges is the name of a simple computer game. It is a kind of graphical puzzle. The aim is to connect the circles with the prescribed number of bridges.

A Linux Game

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