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Poverty Economic 26 July 2020

For many years poverty has ben defined as families with less than 1$ income per day (per head?). Experts say that this type of poverty has reduced worldwide. Cost of life may have doubled as well in 15 years. In the Philippines at least the price of rice and the price of gasoline has doubled. When I lived in the Philippines, every day I have seen poor people.
When I am honest, I hardly met them. Even if they walked within a meter distance of me.
Meeting them is not easy. Often they ask for money or like to sell small items. Typically they are quiet and silent. Some of them may hardly be aware what a 'normal' life could and should be. Few would like to share their life story. Typically they are hurt and wounded. They need care and love and unfortunately there is a wide gap between them and the rich, me.


Please father God, teach me as a rich person, how to meet the poor and their needs. Both far and near.


Poor Separated From Rich

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