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Lost Holy Spirit 9 July 2020

I wrote a story about this theme. Unfortunately I do not yet know a proper end.


Grace heard a voice: "Please, help me! I am the Holy Spirit. Please search me. Find me. I am lost." Was it a dream? Did she really hear a voice. She can no more remember.
At breakfast however she asked her mother: "Who is the Holy Spirit? Do you know him?"
"What are you talking about?", asked her mother, "No, I do not know a holy spirit. And please do not talk to me about spirits. It makes me feel creepy. You better ask your teacher."


After the lessons, Grace turned to her teacher. Her teacher always welcomed questions.
"Holy spirit", asked her teacher, "Where did you hear about that?"
Grace told about the voice or whatever it had been. She was no more so sure.
"When I was young the reverend in our church spoke about a holy spirit. It is a long time ago.", the teacher muttered somewhat absent minded.
Grace did not know what a reverend was. She was a bit afraid to ask more questions.

Police Station

Grace remembered that Holy Spirit had said she was lost. The voice had sounded very beautiful and kind. Grace knew that at the Police station lost objects were collected . On her way home, she dropped in at the police station. A kind officer asked: "What can I do for you?"
"I am seeking something lost", Grace clarified. At the 'lost and found' department she explained more:
"There was a voice saying that she was lost. She named herself the Holy Spirit. Did you find her or did someone bring her here?"
The police officers explained that is was very seldom that lost persons were delivered at the Police Station.
"Was she drunk?", they asked.
Grace did not know.
"Do you know a reverend?", Grace asked.
This time she got a positive answer and she was sent to the church at the corner.


Grace rang the bell of the rectory next to the church. The reverend welcomed her and listened to her story.
"The Holy Spirit", the reverend said while thinking deeply, "At the seminary we were thought that the Holy Spirit only existed in the first Century. After that He was no more needed. All miracles and wonders had stopped."
Grace was astonished, "He?", She asked, "But she sounded more like a girl. I thought she was a woman."
The reverend got a little irritated,
"I can tell you little about a Holy Spirit".
He finished the visit suggesting: "If you want to know more, you better go to a Catholic priest. They still make crosses and say 'in the name of the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit.' I can not help you. But I wish you success with your search. If you know more, please let me know."

At home

Grace was tired and quiet after her busy day. Her mother saw her looking a bit pale and send her early to bed. The next day was a Saturday and Grace was free to continue her quest.
"Where can I find a catholic priest", she asked her father.
Father told Grace that she did not need a priest. "They are useless beggars. They talk long and do little."
Grace insisted that she wanted to talk to a priest. Her father, wanting to make an end to his painful memories, directed her to the clergy house.

Clergy House

"Yes, yes", the chaplain said. "Is it true that the Holy Spirit is lost? I think you may be right. I also would not know where to find him."
"Would you know where I can seek her?", Grace tried.
"Her?", the chaplain asked, "Are you sure? Any way, it is not that important. I can give you the address of our bishop. You can write a letter to him. Once in a year he visits our parish to administer confirmation to the eldest groups of our school. He always says that they receive the Holy Spirit. But I never saw anything happening. Nevertheless, the bishop is an educated man and he must know."


First the bishop was pleased with the letter of Grace. It was a nice pink letter with a pleasant handwriting. It even smelled nice. Finally someone interested in religion.
The bishop reminded himself: "Gifts of healing, gifts of miracles? It always causes trouble. So you can better not have those things in you diocese. And gifts of knowledge? Better not. Someone may get to know my hidden sins."
The wise bishop decided: "It is better not to answer her. Perhaps she may find the Holy Spirit. I feel more secure managing my diocese just myself."


That night Grace had a dream. The angel Gabriel appeared to her. He is a messenger angel of God for urgent cases. The angel was very impressive with large white wings. Grace had never seen such a person.
Gabriel said that he was send by God but did not really know why. Grace told about the voice and the lost Holy Spirit. Gabriel understood a little.
"Yes!", he said, "Finally a trace of the lost Holy Spirit. Let me explain. In heaven we of course have God the Father. He looks like an old man with a long gray beard. He is ultimately wise and much loved and respected. We also have Jesus, the son of man. I can explain you more later. But for centuries, we are missing the Holy Spirit in Heaven. No one has seen him there. And he also can’t be found on earth. No one likes Him, loves Him or trusts Him. He has drawn back in a hidden existence. Jesus and God the Father feel very sad and they regret that they have sent the Holy Spirit out."
"She has a very pleasant voice", Grace said, "She asked me to seek and find her. What shall I do?"
Gabriel thought for a moment. Then he spoke: "In the bible, a crowd asked saint Peter what they should do and they got a interesting answer. 'You must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.'"
Grace did not understand this all, but slept very peaceful.

To Be Continued

lost holy spirit

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