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Church History Netherlands 2050 6 July 2020

What will historians in 2050 say about the Catholic Church in the Netherlands?
I heard in the past days a review on the Jewish Council in the Netherlands during the second world war. The leaders of the Council began their task relatively innocent with the hope that they could help the Jewish community. They ended up for a time with saving their own families and not warning the Jews to go into hiding. They helped - although forced - with the deportation of many Jews to the Concentration Camps in Germany. They collaborated with the "world", being the Germans. Some 100000 Dutch Jews died in German concentration camps.

Historians in 2050

I only can make a guess what historians would say:

The Catholic Church cooperated with the authorities of the world. They submitted to the "World", European Laws, Liberalism, Individualism and Indifference. They did not warn the people to seek refuge and move to a more safe place. They did not move the people into resistance against unholy values. They did not get alarmed when only 2.5% of their members attended mass at a Sunday. They did not respond when 90% of the elderly people avoided a funeral in church. They did not wake up when the number of priest candidates reached 0.

As a result of this 90% of the baptized, some 6 Million Dutch people, went to hell between 2000 and 2050.


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