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Kingdom Harvest Requirement 8 July 2020

Normally a harvest is the result of a lot of hard work.
I need to prepare the ground. This may involve cleaning, plowing, fertilising.
Next, I need to sow seeds. Before the rain will come. Else I need to water the plants.
I need to protect the harvest against birds, rats, foxes and perhaps thieves.
Insects are another difficult problem, because many chemicals that kill the insects are ecological toxic.
Then comes mowing, collecting, winnowing and grinding.
Still bread needs to be baked from the floor.

Collecting a harvest for Christ

For gaining a huge harvest, a lot of work is needed. No wonder Jesus says: "Teach my people to do everything I have commanded you". And before I forget: they should be baptized not only in the name of Jesus and the Father, but also in the name of the Holy Spirit. (Matt 28:18-19)

Remember ... Everything Jesus has Commanded.


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