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Wheat 3 Jul 2019

It is harvest time in the Netherlands. The agricultural sector of our Dutch economics is doing well. It appears that the harvest for the Kingdom of God in the Netherlands is not doing equally well.


One of the reasons could be that the Kingdom is divided. That could be division among the churches. I am more concerned about divisions internally in the individual churches. I am not even concerned about the divisions among the clergy. My first concern is the divisions in the Laity divisions. In other words, the divisions among me and you. Some examples:

  1. My lack of desire to participate in our community.
  2. My ignorance of the needs of other members.
  3. My unwillingness to be available for service to God.
  4. My unforgiveness and my inability to settle conflicts.
  5. My anger, bitterness and disappointment.
  6. The lack of instruction on UNITY.
  7. The lack of opportunity to work in teams.

God seeks workers for the harvest.

And it is me and you whom He needs.

Wheat Harvest

Watching the harvest.

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