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Scripting 22 Jul 2019

Producers of a movie work with a script. The script explains how and in what order the scenes shall be taken. Engineers develop scripts to program computers. In this way they prevent themselves from making errors. The computer script can be more complex than movie scripts. There are choices. A shopping list is as well a kind of script. It helps me not to forget things which I need.

It may surprise you that the best salesmen also work with scripts. They prepare their response for various situations. They do not need to think about what they are going to say, so that they can focus on saying it in a pleasant and effective way.

Communication and Scripts

Scripts help to improve reoccurring situations. In my communications I make often the same mistakes. When I write a script to deal with a specific issue, I am preparing myself for difficult moments. Hopefully I can express myself more graceful. And I can practice!

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