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Pointing 4 Jul 2019

In some cultures pointing fingers are forbidden. Yes, it hurts when a finger points to me. I feel guilty, bad, irritated and sometimes even angry. It is however true, that the pointing finger often is caused by my failure to care for something.

How to respond?

Just some suggestions.

  1. I can take it as a hint. I may indeed have caused hurt to someone or failed to do what I was supposed to do. I can take responsibility. I can listen to what I did (not) and how it was perceived. I can admit my fault and where needed apologize and try to recover.
  2. I can defend myself. Usually things get worse.
  3. If I do not understand why I deserve that response, I can smile and ask for clarification.
  4. I can run away. I will feel ashamed.
  5. By times I simply fail. I can accept a fine or punishment.
  6. I can honestly negotiate about how to deal with my fault.

A pointing finger

A pointing finger

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