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Connected 10 Jul 2019

To litter means to drop and leave objects ...
It is not just cans and garbage that can be littered.

Over a day, some of my words may litter around. Some words may hurt people. Some words may linger in the minds of people around. What did he mean with those words? Or, does he really intend to say that to me? Some thoughts or words are positive. Some of my words may hurt people around. There are as well my failures to connect in pleasant ways with people around.

Litter box for spoken words?

By times I need to forget words of other persons that have hurt me. I would love to dump those inconvenient words in a litter-box. By times it is good to move my fearful thoughts to a litter box. I should install a word-litter-box in my home. My prayer is that I may trust and love the persons that have hurt me in fresh ways.

a lovely Dublin litter box

A nice litter box in Dublin.

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