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Facade 7 Jul 2019

During our visit in Lyon we were introduced to this Facade. You can see it on the picture. In reality it is just a blind wall with a painting. The house is under reconstruction.

In Dutch language a Facade means a beautiful front hiding a messy interior. From the outside it looks great.


I want to be known as good. I hide my bad feelings. No-one needs to know. No, I have no problems. I am strong. And behind the facade, I feel terrible. I feel lonely, stupid and worthless.

I am needy

As long as I hide my pain and needs, reconstruction or healing will not start. By times my hurts will punch through the facade. My prayer is that I will find the courage to face my inner pains and needs. I do not like being a slave of my past history.

Fainting on a blind wall

A blind wall painting during renovation.

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