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Depart 2 Jul 2019

We had lived for three years in this place, 100 Mendez Road in Manila. We had settled there and had a good time. We were about to move out. I left for three weeks for work in Taiwan. When I came back, Millet and our family had moved out everything to Camiling (Tarlac Philippines). There were two reasons. We were attacked by ants and we were preparing to move to the Netherlands.


Moving from the Philippines to the Netherlands was hard. Millet had to say farewell to all her relatives. She had to give up the job and position she had held for 20 years. She had to learn Dutch language. Furthermore we had no place to live in the Netherlands and we had no employment. We began a totally new life.


Now 11 years later we are praying where God will lead us the coming years. We are older and relocating or changing may be harder than the previous times. Our lives belong to God and are in His hands.

We have packed

Moving out is a big change.

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