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Community Baby 21 Jul 2019

By times I am wondering how a new community can come into existence. That also raises the question how newcomers in a community could be treated. By times I am myself as well a newcomer in various communities.


If a newcomer should become a full member of a community he or she needs to learn about the community. It is as if a new baby is born in the family. All need to adjust. The baby needs to learn and master the community life. And it is not easy. The baby may be frightened by the long time established community members.

Welcoming and Raising up a baby

Just some thoughts.

  • The coming of a baby is prepared
  • There may be a baby room
  • The parents may take a course
  • The baby needs lots of love and care
  • The baby needs to be fed with milk and being pampered
  • The baby needs to be washed and clothed
  • The baby needs vaccinations
  • Babies are adorable. They are good at smiling.
  • Babies are familiarized slowly to visitors
  • Babies get lots of attention in the process of learning small things
  • Small successes are celebrated
  • There is joy when the baby does new things
  • The baby is allowed to try new things and make mistakes

Baby in a community

A community baby surrounded by love.

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