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Acclimatize 13 Jul 2019

My niece had purchased new goldfishes for the pond in their garden. She thought that 7 would do. The vendor thought that 10 perhaps was a nice number and finally she came home with a plastic bag with 13 small fishes.

The vendor gave a good advise. Before you release the fishes, have the bag for 45 minutes in the pond before you release the fishes. In this way the water in the bag can gradually adapt to the water temperature in the pond. I loved and liked the idea.

Human Acclimatization

When I meet a person and want to greet her or him, I also need to acclimatize a little. I like to meet the eyes of the other person. I like to see how he or she feels. If I miss that little eyecontact, I feel insecure and make mistakes.

13 new goldfishes

The goldfishes are acclimatizing.

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