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Volunteer 19 Jul 2018

For quite some years I worked on Friday mornings as volunteer to clean the church. We did such as a team and I have always enjoyed to do the job and to meet a bunch of lovely fellow-parishioners. For the last 18 months I can not do it because I have a full time job.

Today I found myself considering:
If I would take off half a day in favour of the church-cleaning ...
I would loose perhaps 200 Euro income on that day.
Assume I will not take half a day off and give 200 Euro tax-deductable to my parish. Actually when I do not give I would pay 50% = 100 Euro to the taxes.
Now the parish can pay 200 Euro for the church cleaning to someone who really needs some income.

Rich Busy People

We live in a community with many talented and rich people in a similar situation like me.

My proposal is that we communicate to the wealthy parishioners a plan where we invest some of their money to generate some income for people with needs in the parish and who could perform some tasks in the church.

I really believe that more than a few people would like to increase their church contribution in favour of well communicated needs.

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