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Secrets 27-Jul-2018

Secrets don't make happy

Do you have 'secrets'? Things that others better do not know about? You won't share them on the Internet. You may be fearful that others may know it some day!


I try to hide my secrets. Unfortunately it takes effort to hide things. And once I hide things I begin to hide other things as well. The habit of hiding makes it harder to share openly about all kind of things. I alienate myself from others.
I do not like hiding.


Ps44:21 Would not God discover this? For he knows the secrets of the heart
Ecclesiastes 12:14 For God will call all our deeds to judgement,
all that is hidden, be it good or bad.
Luke 8:17 For nothing is hidden but it will be made clear,
nothing secret but it will be made known and brought to light.
Luke 12:3 For this reason, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight,
and what you have whispered in hidden places will be proclaimed from the housetops.


That sound quite serious and it could arouse our fear.
Personally I think much more positive about those words:
our future is destined that we no more need to hide and will be free.
We will be known for whom we are and we still will be loved.

In our broken world this is not easy. We are wounded and fearful.


The process of becoming free could be called: redemption. The process could involve:

  1. Admit that you have secrets which hurt you yourself and potentially a few other people.
  2. Express interest in a solution.
  3. Realize that facing your issues could be somewhat scary.
  4. Seek help at appropriate places.
  5. Ask God for help and expect insight how to proceed. Keep asking. Give thanks for fresh insights.
  6. Forgive yourself for faults and missteps
  7. Be patient with your inability to open and change. It comes little by little. Sometimes with grace and sometimes with temporary pain.

Trusting others

Your life is valuable and precious. Unfortunately not everyone can be trusted with your secrets.

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