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Retarded 30-Jul-2018

According to the dictionary: slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development


In a thesaurus I found a list of 'synonyms':
Stupid, Retardo, Dim, Numbskull, Simple-minded, Defective, Dim-witted, Dumdum, Held back, Dummy, Sappy, Mentally defective, Yo-yo, Slow-witted, Dumbbell, Underachieving, Simple, Gorked, Lamebrained, Birdbrained, Dopey, Feeble-minded, Weak, Subnormal, Backward, Touched, Moronic, Dull, Half-witted, Imbecile, Exceptional, Dumbo, Slow, Pinhead, Opaque

I find that a really impressive list.

A small quiz

You are invited to check from the Synonyms which items apply perhaps to you. And then count the items.

Now any quiz needs winners!

Some research found the following results:

0:you do not exist.
1-5:you are a totally boring person.
5-10:you are not involved in too many things in life.
11-20:you are an average normal person.
21-34:may be you have ADHD.
35+:You can't count.

More serious

In this rapid changing time any healthy person sooner or later begins to feel retarded.

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