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Potato 26 Jul 2018


If the bible would have been written in those times in the Netherlands, for sure it also would speak about potatoes. Because this product is among the basic Dutch foods. They are irreplaceable ingredients for French Fries and Chips.

I hope this will convince you about the importance of potatoes.

A Potato story

A farmer went out to plant potatoes on his field. Sure enough there was a Dutch rain and the Dutch clay ground was slippery. Since the farmer was Dutch he complained aloud.

God thought: the poor Dutch guy needs some heavenly help. So God spoke to the rain: 'Stop' and the rain stopped instantly.

The farmer murmured based on a life long experience with the Dutch weather: "that won't be for a long time."

Pitying the farmers Dutch heavy labour on the soil, God decided to send an angel to help the farmer. French Fries and Chips are important products.

The angel asked the farmer: "Would you like some help?" The farmer said: "I can do it myself."

The angel said full of confidence: "I bet I can do it better!" The Dutch farmer could not resist the gambling.

For long hours they worked together. The Dutch against the Heavenly force. You won't believe it but honestly speaking the Dutch farmer won.

The angel vanished without paying his debt. That year the Dutch farmer had his best harvest ever.

Explanation of the parable

Sure enough no Dutch person would believe the story.

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