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PHILIPS 16 Jul 2018

Eindhoven is intimately connected to Philips. And as I was born in Eindhoven I grew up with Philips. The company has played an important role throughout my life. As you can see the companies logo has changed over the years. The company has changed a lot and has no more the same span of activities as 25 years ago. It still has a great presence in my life.

Eindhoven and Philips

No-one will argue about the huge impact the company has made on the city.
It was certainly not the only company that brought life to the small village named Eindhoven in 1891 when the company was founded. It grew so fast that in 1924 the five surrounding villages were integrated into the bigger city as we know it today.

The company started with electrical lamps. As very special strength Philips engaged in serious research to improve its 'lamps'. But as such Philips would not have become the basis for many inventions. The thing that really affected Philips was 'Radio'. Why actually Philips among other competitors excelled in that new business was because they had a powerful research department.

In the late fifties a technical university was founded in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven became one of the centers of innovation in the Netherlands and Europe.

Philips and me

My dad liked electronics and I grew up with electronics. I got interested in amateur radio. I got a BS degree in electronics and later an MS degree. But the true craftsmanship I learned at Philips in Television Electronics.

After 11 years in the company I left. Philips appreciated my work. But at that time I had come to know God more intimately and I wanted to explore how I could serve Him.

Over the 25 years that followed I still have worked with Philips for various short term engineering projects usually related to television.

A word of thanks.

Philips has been an intense influence in my life and still is. Philips has provided most of the income I needed in my life. Philips has given me many friends who still help to shape my life. I can still see the huge influence Philips had and has in this city and the lives of many. Therefore: a big thank you for Philips!

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