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Nada 28-Jul-2018


This morning I watched a documentary about Chile. Chile is doing well economically. But the people do not flourish. Many mothers need two jobs to pay for life and their ... debts. Few people in Santiago have no debts to pay. Many feel unhappy and take their life. There seems no way out. Nada. Period. Some commit suicide.


What to say? Nada. I want to be silent. How do I like to respond to 'dead'? No Way.

I want life. And a life needs a home with a place for 'nada'. Finding rest.

St. John of the Cross and nada

Nada is perhaps the place where God hides and can be found. We need time to meet God. The busyness of life may distract us from meeting Jesus, who says:
"I am the the Life, the Truth and the Way."

Dolce far niente?

Nada is not the "pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness" that we may experience on holiday or Sunday morning.
If we find Jesus in the NADA, in the chaos of this world, He will renew our strength.

And then:

He will send us out with a mission of hope into the nada of the present world.

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