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More 29-Jul-2018

More, More, More

I like the subject of 'more'. I am greedy, you may think. And most probably you are right.

Now each of us is doing more, more, more of the same things. We repeat what we are trained to do. And we can't easily escape from our patterns. It also may be the safe way.

Having come to understand that more, more, more is very human I can safely proceed.

More - Moor - Moore

More sounds so familiar that several different spelled words sound the same. Mr. Moore worked with the Intel company and he observed that the complexity of electronics would double every two years.
Year 1: 1 transistor; year3 : 2 transistors; year 5: 4 transistors. Year 21: would have 1024. Year 41 would have 1 Million and year 61: 1000 Million Transistors. And ... reality went a little faster.
Of course one would wonder: when and where does it stop!

A Moor is a somewhat more unhealthy place. A person can drawn in the moor. It is a super wet and unpredictable ground. Not healthy to live in.

Is more, more, more healthy?

First: it is our nature. We celebrate our successes.
Second: it may grow to a magnitude where it hurts.
Third: healthy growth needs correction coming from reflection and courage to act.

The kingdom of God

If the kingdom of God grows in our world - and I really hope so - it will need a growing amount of workers to care for the many needs in this present world.

And that can not happen without birth pains and much willingness to readjust our plans.

It needs an escape from the more, more, more of the same,
in favor of more, more, more of the things of God.

It can not come when we are not willing to dip ourselves in the moor with pitfalls and difficulties.

But when we see the example of mr. Moore, I really hope that we can believe that nothing is impossible for the more, more, more of the things of God.

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