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Gifts For Today 29-Jul-2018

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit knows what we need and loves to equip people with gifts appropriate for the now and here.

For some time I am considering what kind of gifts we need for todays church and community.

Some of today's issues

  1. Lack of identity and security
  2. Individualism
  3. Speed of life
  4. Woundedness and brokenness of many people
  5. Building loving relationships
  6. We need safe places for many

Skills that may help

Some ideas for useful gifts of the Holy Spirit

  1. Gift of healing wounded souls
  2. Gift of translation, building bridges among cultures and in relationships
  3. Gifts of team building
  4. Gifts for building safe places, families, community, friendship
  5. Gifts for homebuilders
  6. Gifts of discernment
  7. Builders of unity
  8. Gifts of love
  9. Prophetic gifts: seek God's guidance
  10. Seed planters. We need people who plant seeds that grow little by little into fruit bearing trees.
  11. Wisdom how to deal with patterns of sin and failure

Please pray for fresh desire, openness and acceptance for today's gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is faithfull and more than willing. He requires faith and obedience in a safe loving environment.

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